Friday, May 22, 2009

So I was stuck in a time warp (and other excuses)

It's been FOREVER since I posted here.


I had not realized how long until I logged back in! But here I am, now living in Arizona with The Celiac Dad and my little Celiac Kid, a.k.a "Buttercup." We moved here about 2 months ago from Michigan, and truth be told, organizing the cross-country move was pretty much the sole reason all of my blogs suffered (and you forgot I existed!)

Yes, we are still fighting the good fight against gluten-containing foods and products. Yes, I'm currently trying to figure out how big of a birthday cake to order for the kiddos who want an extra side of gluten with their breakfast while figuring out of Buttercup gets a whole G-free cake or cupcake for her big 0-2.

I'm also in the process of reorganizing my other blogs, so as usual, I'm kissing crazy like I always do.

But I'm back. And hopefully you will be, too.

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SunRa said...

Ever have deja-vu's of your deja-vu's?